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Best Selling Author | Motivational Speaker | Blogger | Afterlife Expert

Josie Varga

Best Selling Author | Motivational Speaker | 

Blogger | Afterlife Expert

Life never ends, Love never dies.


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Oct 19, 2019


Global Oneness Day: Online Summit 2019

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Life Never Ends. Love Never Dies.

True Stories of Afterlife Communication by everyday people. Whenever the topic of “The Other Side” enters the conversation, everyone has a story to tell.

Based on the Books by Best-selling Author, Josie Varga

Produced & Directed by Holly Whitstock Seeger

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Josie Varga is the best-selling author of Visits from Heaven. 

Josie Varga is a best-selling author, Afterlife Expert, motivational speaker and blogger. A former journalist, her life changed course when she received a validated dream message from a man who died in the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Center. It could well be said that the lucid dream she had in 2003 occurred as a result of the publication of her first book, Footprints in the Sand: A Disabled Woman's Inspiring Journey to Happiness. The fact that it was confirmed by the man's family was the impetus that launched her interest in the topic of The Other Side, the outcome being her best-selling book, Visits from Heaven, soon followed by four others on the subject. Over the ensuing years, Josie has been called an angel who has taken human form. Forever transformed by her experience, she embarked on a spiritual journey as she vowed to help others understand that life truly never ends and love never dies. Life, she says, is eternal and so are we.

Photo by Brian Allen Kasper

Photos of Josie by Brian Allen Kasper

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Author, Researcher, Artist, Novelist

"For those of us looking for evidence that consciousness continues in some way beyond the point of death, then this new book by Josie Varga will provide much food for thought..." 

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