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Josie Varga

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Best Selling Author | Motivational Speaker | Blogger | Afterlife Expert



A CALL FROM HEAVEN: Deathbed Visits, Angelic Visions and Crossings to the Other Side

Photo by Brian Allen Kasper


Josie Varga is the best-selling author of Visits from Heaven. 

Josie Varga is the best-selling author of Visits from Heaven. The author of several books, she has been called an angel who has taken human form. A former magazine editor and communications consultant, her life changed course when she received a validated dream message from a man who died in the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Center. Forever transformed by her experience, she embarked on a spiritual journey as she vowed to help others understand that life truly never ends and love never dies.  Life, she says, is eternal and so are we.


Dedicated and passionate about her research into metaphysics and the afterlife, she is a sought-after blogger and motivational speaker.  She has a popular group on Facebook for people to share their spiritual experiences and find comfort in knowing that they are not alone.  With several other projects in the works, she is currently working on a television pilot based on her book Visits from Heaven.  Josie lives in Westfield, New Jersey.

Photo by Brian Allen Kasper



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On location for the upcoming show, Visits from Heaven  

with Josie Varga 

Josie Varga interviews Rosemary Ellen Guiley. Producer Holly Whitstock Seeger in BG..



"For those of us looking for evidence that consciousness continues in some way beyond the point of death, then this new book by Josie Varga will provide much food for thought. Although most of the accounts of deathbed visitations, visions of angels and near-death experiences during the end stage of life are anecdotal (and, by definition, mostly offered from the point of view of the witnesses in the room with the dying person), taken together they form a reasonably compelling corpus of testimony. Indeed, the author makes a passionate plea towards the end of the book for Science to pay more attention to these events, which, when they occur, can have such a profound effect upon both the experiencer, and those who witness them."

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"Josie Varga presents a superb look at deathbed visions, which are the glimpses of the afterlife reported by the dying. . . With each turn of the page you will find a treasure trove of insights and inspiration.  This outstanding book is expertly written, remarkably easy to read, and enthusiastically recommended."

"Combining solid scientific and medical research with moving and emotional personal testimonials, "A Call from Heaven" offers undeniable evidence of what we may experience at and after death.  This book educates, empowers and inspires us to look beyond our fears of the unknown to recognize that what we perceive as an ending can truly be a beginning..."

"I know that if I were to walk on the beach, there would be footprints in the sand as well--mine, God's and Josie's--because we are truly walking together in this life, avoiding landmines by being in the NOW, fully aware of our environment, and not taking anything for granted ever. Life is a gift that we should live fully--and this book is a gift that should be read completely. So continue reading, and savor Josie's life along with her. You will be glad you did. I know I was!"

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Whitley Strieber interview with Josie Varga on Dreamland
Dreamland with Whitley Strieber - A Call From Heaven with Josie Varga
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A Call From Heaven, Interview on Dreamland with Whitley Strieber

Published on March 31, 2017

"Listen as famed afterlife witness and researcher Josie Varga describes what caused her to enter on what has become a lifetime quest to know and understand more. She tells some deep and extraordinary stories about the process of crossing over, what is on the other side, and what the journey of life means."