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Josie Varga's Biographies

Josie Varga is a bestselling author, afterlife researcher, blogger and motivational speaker.  She helps others worldwide understand why love truly never dies and life never ends.

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Josie Varga has been researching the afterlife for over 15 years and helps others understand that death is death is just a transition from one dimension to the next. A popular blogger and speaker, she helps others understand why happiness is all a matter of how we think.

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Josie Varga is passionate about her research into metaphysics and the afterlife, and considers it a privilege to help others. A celebrated author, blogger and motivational speaker, she has warmed hearts worldwide and helped others understand why happiness is all a matter of how we think and why death is only a transition from one dimension to the next. She has a popular group on Facebook, based on the same book, for people to share their spiritual experiences and know that they are not alone. Recently, she completed her debut YA novel and has several other projects in the works.

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We can’t always plan what happens in life and sometimes the unexpected leads us just where we are meant to be. Josie Varga’s life was turned upside down when a deceased friend who passed in the World Trade Center Attacks of 9/11 came to her with a vivid, lucid message for his grieving wife. The incredible experience set her on a journey to investigate afterlife communication and the possibility of life after death. What she found is incredible validation that death is but a new beginning and no one really dies alone.

A celebrated author, blogger and motivational speaker, she has transformed lives and warmed hearts worldwide. Her tireless afterlife research has helped to steer the study of consciousness and the integration of mind, body and spirit while comforting the bereaved as they realize their loved ones are still very much with them. Passionate about her life’s purpose, she is committed to changing lives—one story at a time.

Josie was a featured speaker for Global Oneness Day 2019 and has made numerous media appearances including Coast to Coast AM, Midnight in the Desert, Darkness Radio, Unknown Country, The Paranormal Podcast and Angel Quest Radio. She is also a sought after motivational speaker who inspires others to find happiness within. World renowned happiness guru Robert Holden, Ph.D., said, “I believe Josie is an angel who has taken human form . . . so as to teach us the art of true self-acceptance and happiness.”


She recently worked on a television pilot based on her bestselling book Visits from Heaven. She loves to unwind with friends and a glass of wine, enjoys taking walks on the beach and would rather dance than walk. Josie’s incredible story will touch your soul and challenge you to see life in a new light.

Life, she says, is eternal and so are we. Her book, A Call from Heaven: Personal Accounts of Deathbed Visits, Angelic Visions, and Crossings to the Other Side, provides perhaps the most compelling evidence of life after death to date. She set out to research deathbed phenomena and hence write her book after her primary care physician told her about a mind boggling experience involving a patient of his. What she found is incredible validation that death is only a transition from one dimension to the next.

She also has a popular group on Facebook for people to comfortably share their spiritual experiences and know that they are not alone. With several other projects in the works, she recently completed her debut YA fiction novel and is working on her latest nonfiction title.  She is a proud mother and lives in Westfield, New Jersey with her husband and two daughters.  For more information, please visit her website at

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Long Bio
5 Fun Facts About Josie
  1. As a young girl, Josie Varga always loved to write and at just five-years old, filled pages of composition books with fictitious characters.

  2. Josie always believed in God and life after death but she never imagined that she would one day become an afterlife researcher. Although she did entertain the idea of becoming a nun as a young girl.

  3. Music and dancing are two of her favorite pastimes and she still hopes to pen the lyrics to a song when she grows up.

  4. The title for her book, Visits from Heaven, was actually given to her in a dream.

  5. Josie was once told to get out of the field of journalism because she’d never make it. Luckily, she didn’t listen and the rest is history.

5 Fun Facts About Josie
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